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A 3-Month luxury signature program, intended for you, the high-achieving CEO looking to integrate optimized wellness into your already successful business with simplicity, peace, and ease. 

Premier Health for the Iconic Woman

When you feel your best...

Your capacity to DO more and BE more is limitless. 

heal your greatest health obstacles by fine-tuning your cellular makeup and genetics through:

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You can save time and have more energy to focus on living life to its highest potential.

So that


I get to the bottom of things. To me, your symptoms are 'love messages' alerting you that something is unbalanced in your body. And it’s your cells communicating those messages.

That's why treating the symptom over the cause is not the solution, it's a quick fix bandaid.

my method

And if you're a busy CEO, then you know firsthand that quick fixes are not in it for the long haul.

Building a healthy foundation, starting at the cellular level, is what leads to vitality, energy, radiant skin, a balanced gut, optimal weight, and aging well. 
There is ALWAYS an answer! You just have to listen, dig a bit, and notice the patterns unique to your specific biochemistry.

Are you a high-performing leader in your field and responsible for so much in your business and life - so that integrating a new health protocol feels like an overwhelming task? 

Are uncomfortably bloated and feeling “off” in your gut microbiome, which then manifests onto your skin through adult acne, a lack of vibrancy and glow?

Do you find it hard to consistently feel fully sexy, beautiful, and confident in your own skin both with clothes on and off?

Do you live in a state of chronic stress and high anxiety, while feeling like you’re constantly working and repeatedly burning out as a result? Does life often feel like one big boulder being pushed up an endless hill? 

do you experience...

Fatigue with brain fog: 

gut & skin issues:

Displeasure with the way your body looks and feels:

Burnout and anxiety with little time or energy to do anything about it:

Do you have unexplainable and strange symptoms that no one seems to be able to identify and heal? Are you told you just have “to manage” your autoimmunity through medication with no way to reverse it?

autoimmune issues:

You're only as strong as your chain's weakest link... so, where's yours?

The outdated belief that, "This is what I was born with. It can't be reversed.", has been proven false by epigenetic scientists. 

This is what we discover during our deep dive audit into your core health foundation.
One chain we assess is your DNA through bloodwork and lifestyle. 

Whether it's through mutations passed on through the generations or by illnesses, stress, or toxin exposures - parts of your DNA strand can develop weak links, becoming imbalanced and damaged.

While 10% of our genes may be 'set in stone', there is so much that can be done to reverse and repair your genetic and cellular makeup.

It's not rocket-science… it's achieved through the right cellular support and simple deduction process, coupled with a personalized diet for your unique biochemistry and lifestyle.

If you're a CEO looking for powerful solutions to feel your best, here is what you’ll walk away with when you commit to this 3-month container…

A good fit for you:

If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to find a reputable holistic practitioner that really understands you and your busy lifestyle, while also worried at the thought of trying to implement new changes…this is where I come in to lighten your load and bring you peace of mind.

I save you both time and energy by taking out all the guess-work when it comes to optimizing your health.

I take your unique biochemistry and lifestyle into account when building you a health strategy.

Not only will it last for generation to come, but leaves you with vitality and energy to feel your best so that you can live out your greatest mission in life, while having more time with the people you love.

Learn how to indulge in delicious foods and a luxurious lifestyle from a place of balance and intuition.

From traveling to exotic new places to enjoyable business dinners, you’ll feel fully confident in choosing foods that are not only thoroughly indulgent, but also nourishing to your unique body’s alchemy. You’ll wake up the next morning feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on a new and exciting day.

We do a deep dive audit and overhaul of your health to find the imbalances and heal your body at the cellular level. 

You can look forward to a stronger immune system to fight off diseases and potentially reverse autoimmune disorders, so that you stop premature aging and live a long, vibrant, and full life

You’ll learn how to build stress resilience and avoid burnout

All while continuing to scale your successful business and live out your life’s greatest purpose.

Achieve an optimal physical body

So that you feel strong, powerfully confident and beautiful to not only go after those big goals, but crush them. You’ll authentically become unstoppable and ready for anything that comes your way.

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I give you the resources and support you need to implement your personalized plan with ease. This includes:

- A thorough audit of your health
- A personalized diet checklist for your unique biochemistry (indulgence is part of my love language)
- A customized supplement plan to build stress-resilience, energy, and expedite healing
- Optimizing your genes and immunity through scientific genetic testing, bloodwork analysis, and lifestyle
- Balancing your hormones for improved mood, metabolism and libido 
- Embodying higher energy, vitality, and ease - leading the way to stronger stress resilience, productivity, and greater joy both in business and in life. 

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what's included...


You’re not in this alone.

I’m here as your experienced guide on your optimal wellness journey. That includes pulling in my world-wide remote network of incredible doctors, if needed for extra support…creating a personalized wellness team that collaborates on your behalf.

My goal is to get you where you desire to be with peace while expediting the time it takes to get there.


Up to 30 mins of Voxer messaging a week.

I’m here when those “stuck in a rut” and feeling lost moments come up. Health is a gloriously intricate (and sometimes complicated) road, but this is where my expertise and support can carry you through with grace and ease.  




I live in Texas and love traveling around the world with my husband, daughter, and newborn son!

I began my business in response to the epidemic of all the heart-centered visionaries wanting to feel incredible in her optimized body so that she has the joy and vitality to pour into her big vision.

certified Functional wellness Practitioner for 14+ years, Dr. trusted, and over 1000+ clients served.

hello, there

I'm Marie.

"Marie has a beautiful way of taking the science and complexity of health & nutrition, 

from LEna S.:

and making it digestible with very attainable goals. Her spirit and knowledge go hand in hand to help you feel empowered and joyful about your health! 

"Marie is THE person that you want on your side when it comes to being healthy. She is amazing at helping you figure out the “why” behind the way you feel.

from Kristen Combo:

There aren’t any band-aids, just long term solutions! I can’t even tell you the amount of times I have come to her with “I’m feeling xyz” and she and I brainstorm what could be causing that to find the root of the issue. She also knows how to give you the info in bite size pieces, so it’s never overwhelming. I highly recommend Marie to anyone who wants to feel like their best self! 

if you're a


This is for you.

I'm ready!

Are you ready?

and become the strongest, healthiest, happiest iconic visionary that you are?


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