Identify and Heal Your Body’s Core Imbalance - receive a curated plan to unleash your most vibrant, peaceful, and energized self.

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What if you could transform your wellbeing and unleash your greatest potential - with high level support in an immersive 1:1 VIP intensive?

This high level VIP Intensive is designed for 7-figure FEMALE CEOs & ENTREPRENEURS desiring extraordinary health and longevity to increase their impact for their business and humanity

Imagine how you would feel to receive a curated, supportive plan to unleash your most vibrant, peaceful, and energized self...

Your Roadmap to

So what does 



mean for you?

A customized diet checklist and easy food hacks based on your personal biochemistry and lifestyle so that you can continue eating delicious, nutritional foods whether at home or traveling... you get to indulge without sacrificing the things you love.

An easy personalized supplement plan saving you from all the guesswork and the ‘trial and error’ pains, so that you get stress resilience, sustained energy, restorative sleep, healthy gut microbiome - all with greater peace and joy, and less anxiety.

Access your ‘Fountain of Youth’ gene to get that radiant glow and feel beautiful from the inside out, so you show up with magnified confidence when meeting with new clients and closing those high-ticket sales.

I'm ready!

Your Investment: $1250

Begin balancing your hormones for improved mood, metabolism, libido, and energy.

Up to 30 mins of Voxer Messaging, within 7 days following your 90 min Intensive, to answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the process of creating your customized wellness plan.  

Your health is going to change forever and your business will be thanking you.

In 90 mins, you will receive:






Mayan Corioso

Laura Valdes

Jen Barham

After my 90 minute intensive with Marie, my love for nutrition and health was sparked again. Marie was so supportive in understanding some of the trauma I had experienced in the health and wellness industry. She was so empathetic and reminded me that this gets to be a pleasurable process.

The protocol she suggested is so aligned for my lifestyle as a business owner, coach, toddler mom, and health in such a new light.

"Marie has guided me tremendously on my journey to health!
I'm so grateful for her knowledge and expertise. I feel and look better than I have in years! 

Marie is more than an integrative wellness practitioner. She's also a great coach and friend who will get you through the tough things in life... which are often underlying issues for your health. I'm so glad that I finally make the call and started this amazing journey with her!"

"Marie was a God-send during a very stressful time in my life. I had severe digestive issues and couldn't figure out a solution. 
She didn't just address the physical, but also the mental and spiritual piece as well. Marie doesn't use a one-size-fits-all method, but finds what truly works for you!
She is the best in the nutrition business! She is also very passionate about her work in helping women... which is apparent after the first consultation. Don't wait... give her a call and let her help you!

"I feel rejuvenated and am reconnecting to my body."

I'm a certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner for 14+ years. I live in Texas and love traveling around the world with my husband, daughter....and soon-to-be-baby!

After redirecting my path of becoming an FBI analyst, I now use my background in International Relations and Counter-Terrorism to fight the unknown terrorists wreaking havoc inside the body.

I began my business in response to the epidemic of the female CEO wanting to feel incredible in her optimized body so that she has the joy and vitality to pour into her big vision.

I use my knowledge to take you on a beautiful journey and give you the tools, so that whatever health or life challenges come your way, you can successfully handle them with confidence, grace, and ease.

My passion is helping you THRIVE in mind and body, putting you on the fast-track towards reaching those big dreams in your heart.

Marie Poza

Meet your


Marie is nothing short of amazing. As a colleague and a recipient of her knowledge, I CAN can not recommend her enough!

She is a wealth of knowledge that overflows in each and every conversation. Over the peak of covid quarantine, I completed a Colorado Cleanse with her and another client. I finished the cleanse rejuvenated, nourished, and with a renewed palate for clean whole food.  

"I finished the cleanse rejuvenated, nourished, and with a renewed palate for clean whole food."

Rachel Lisle

This is for you.

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If you're a heart-led CEO looking to find a sustainably simple, FUN, and healthy way to elevate your health to new heights...

We dig deep and get to the roots, so that moving forward you will always have the tools to flourish and thrive.

This is not a VIP experience to remind you how much water to drink in a day.

THis is an experience to help you understand how to :

Nourish your body to heal and strengthen your unique DNA structure

Balance your hormones to give you peace, energy, and vitality

Wake up feeling joyful and rejuvenated every morning with flowing creativity

Have laser-focus and brain clarity for innovative problem-solving

Integrate productive play as the antidote to stress. While stress is the productivity killer, play is productivity cultivator.

Kristen Combo

Christi Pratte

Stacie James

"Marie is beyond words the warmest, loving, and radiant woman I have ever worked with!
She absolutely transformed my life.
She helped me to heal my head and heart through her devotion and understanding, which brought me a truly holistic healing experience.

Once she built up my confidence to conquer my toxins, my physical body soon followed!
I reclaimed both my health and mindset, which has been present with me ever since! 
Forever grateful!

"I reached out to Marie shortly after our youngest was born. I needed support while trying to heal my gut, regain strength and lose the remaining baby weight. I felt a little stuck, bewildered and exhausted. Under her guidance, I learned so much about myself, how my body functions, the gut-emotion-brain connections, and nutrition in general.... and I lost all the baby weight I had gained and reached many other health goals!

I love, love, love how she looks at the whole person: physical, emotional and spiritual, piecing together a plan that’s individually tailored for each person’s needs. 
There are no shortcuts with Marie! I’m forever grateful for the impact she has made on my life!!"

"Marie is the person you want on your side when it comes to your health! 

She is amazing at helping you figure out the "WHY" behind the way you feel. There aren't any bandaids, just long-term solutions!
She also knows how to give you the info in bite-size pieces, so it's not overwhelming.

I highly recommend Marie to anyone who wants to feel like their best self!

"She absolutely transformed my life."

Are you ready to take your health to the next level for a peaceful & luxurious life?

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Become the powerful, vibrant CEO that leads her company with grace and ease.

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